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why buy a coat from ak creations?

ak creations strives to give you the best quality workmanship and the freedom of choice to create your own unique and stylish greyhound, lurcher or whippet coat. click on each illustration below to see photos of my greyhounds modelling the coats, close up photos showing the attention to detail each coat receives, the amazing choice of colours and the details to order.

which coat do i need ?

AK Creations snuggla - greyhound double fleece coat

AK Creations snoggla - greyhound waterproof hooded coat

Introducing the ak creations double fleece coat - otherwise known as the snuggla. Made with a double layer of snuggly fleece, this chunky, funky sighthound coat is perfect for those cold, dry days on the beach.

The built in snood can be rolled down like a polo neck to keep your hound's neck warm - or you can pull it right up to cover the ears for those blustery days. This coat is cut nice and high around the front legs, allowing maximum freedom for running and bouncing.

There is an opening in the snood which allows a lead through, or you can choose to have a harness hole put in instead.

This coat is perfect for older dogs or those with little fur on their underside - the built in chest panel passes easily between the front legs and fastens with velcro and a snap fasteninbg on both sides. This avoids having to deal with leg holes and makes this coat ideal for older dogs.

Introducing the ak creations hooded waterproof coat with a fleece chest panel - otherwise known as the snoggla or the deluxe snoggla.

The built in hood on this coat has been specially shaped around the face, allowing maximum vision when worn up. The hood can also be worn neatly folded back, keeping the neck warm, but the head free.

The built in chest panel is made from a double layer of top quality polar fleece. This panel passes between the front legs and then fastens on both sides of the coat with velcro and a snap fastening in the same way as the snuggla.

The snoggla is made using top quality PU coated waterproof fabric and is lined with polar fleece

The deluxe snoggla has a 2oz wadding inner, quilted onto a high quality waterproof outer and is also lined with snuggly polar fleece.

AK Creations snaggla - greyhound lightweight waterproof hooded coat
AK Creations combo - greyhound double fleece coat and greyhound waterproof coat

Introducing the ak creations lightweight waterproof coat - otherwise known as the snaggla.

This coat is made using top quality PU coated waterproof fabric in a wide range of fun and funky colours, and lined with a lightweight cotton fabric.

You can choose to have the full hood, which is shaped around the face to allow maximum vision when worn up, or you can have a turtle neck collar as seen on the combo coat.

This coat has a webbing belt around the waist which is secured by a plastic snap buckle. There is plenty of adjustment on this belt to allow for a fluctuating waistline.

Finished off with the AKCreations badge, this coat is light and convenient for those cooler days of spring and summer.

Introducing the ak creations snaggla / snuggla combo - three coats in one. If you love the idea of the warmth, superior fit and feel of the double fleece coat and yet you still have a need for a waterproof coat, then the versatility of the combo could be ideal for you. Wear the double fleece on its own, the lightweight raincoat on its own, or combine the two for an extra warm, comfortable, wind resistant and waterproof combination! The best of all worlds.

Choose your colour combination for the double fleece coat and for the waterproof jacket to go over the top. The freedom of choice is yours and the colour combinations are almost limitless - making your combo unique.

The waterproof jacket is based on the snaggla, with a turtle neck collar and is made from the same quality PU coated waterproof fabric in a wide range of fun and funky colours with a lightweight, cotton lining.


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